Gone Fishing!

If you are trying to reach me or have noticed my deafening cyber silence and are concerned as to where I am… I’M FINE! Right now I am in a remote village in Ekuk, Alaska probably picking fish, eating a grilled cheese sandwich or sleeping because I’ve been working so hard. I go commercial salmon fishing with my family every summer and have been doing this since I was ten months old! Making time for this wonderful, live-giving experience is one of the motivators behind starting my business. The tiny village we fish in is so remote you can only get there by boat or bush plane. It sits between Bristol Bay and miles and miles of Alaskan bluff. We live in a small cabin with no electricity, indoor plumbing and of course there’s no cell service or internet. My time up there is all about re-centering and re-focusing on what matters most to me while spending time with my dear family and friends.

If you want to work with me I won’t be back in Spokane until September 17th but please email me at friedman.celia@gmail.com if you have a project and want to get on my calendar for the fall. I will be back in cell and internet service at the end of July and will get back to you then. I’ll be traveling on the east coast in August and September so follow along on my adventures on Celia Friedman Interior Design’s Instagram stories!


  • “Working with Celia on clearing my space was faster and easier than I imagined. Her calm, supportive and focused presence helped me continue the process. On my own I would have gotten overwhelmed and distracted. Instead, I have a great space that works for me!”

    Alice (Home Declutter)

  • “My wife and I were very excited to begin a renovation of an upstairs bathroom, but overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options in regard to tiles, shelves, vanities, sinks, fixtures, paint colors and more. We are very grateful we had the opportunity to consult with Celia Friedman on this project. Celia listened to our hopes and ideas for this space and helped us to visualize options with her drawings, product comparisons and color and tile coordinating. Step by step, she helped us narrow down options until we ultimately worked our way to a final product that we are extremely pleased with.”

    Nicole and David (Bathroom Remodel)

  • “I have a beautiful kitchen space with my roommate, but neither of us are the most organized and have a tendency towards clutter. I found myself eating out more than I could sustain and not feeling the joy and comfort of cooking healthy meals for myself and others in our space. Sometimes it takes a professional set of eyes to illuminate the simple solutions that now have our kitchen more ergonomic, simplified, and beautified! Celia was a great help in taking it all apart, finding what was needed (and what could be donated or tossed), and arranging our tools and supplies in a pretty and logical way. I have been cooking much more and feeling a lot better in this part of our apartment ever since! She is fun, knowledgeable, fast, and truly gifted at this work.”

    Taylor (Kitchen Declutter)